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Brindabella Orthodontics patient information in Woden

From prevention to correction, Brindabella does it all. We treat children, teens, and adults through every type of orthodontic treatment. 

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Bring your child in for a check-up around age seven to eight. By this age the four 6 year old molars and the adult front teeth would have come through and we will be able to see any problems that could be arising. It is much easier to treat early-detected problems by guiding the growth of the jaw and permanent teeth than it is to reverse a 
pre-existing problem. 

Catching problems at an early age can help simplify later treatment, but that does not mean teens and adults are out of luck! It is never too late to improve the health and function of your teeth and jaw. We can correct any jaw misalignment that may hinder biting, chewing, or speaking. 
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We will help you throughout the entirety of your treatment, from the very first consultation, to the care of your braces and after-treatment care. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and see what we can do for you. 
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